Review: The Antiquary 21 Year old Blended Scotch Whisky

Blended whisky month rolls on and I’m having a ball! It’s day 9 of our 12 blends and the turn of Steve Prentice of Somerset Whisky Blog to wow us all with a mystery blend. He chose, The Antiquary 21 year old blended scotch whisky and I’m very glad that he did!

I guessed the Balie Nicol Jarvie, though confidence was, as usual, pretty low. I toyed for about 10 minutes with something irish, Jameson 15, then thought better of it.

Here are the dramstats:


  • ABV 43%
  • Age 21
  • Price £54

Nose: Some nice grain, icing sugar, foam bananas, and hobnobs. Baked flapjack, zingy malt, vanilla. Some fresh pine, woody notes and a minty note.

Palate: Vanilla, flapjack and a big barley sugar punch.

Finish:  Peppery vanilla starburst! It literally sparkles on the tongue, with boiled sweets, pear drops and a touch of pine into the fade. This is a long and excellent finish.

Verdict: I love it. A fresh and zingy whisky slap in the face! Just what I needed after a hard day at the office! I am very surprised it is that old. However, I am not sure I’d pay £54 a bottle. I’m just not sure you need to pay that much for this type of pick you up after work dram. Maybe one night, when I need a good whisky slapping, I’ll cave and buy a bottle…I’ll keep you updated.


Tomatin 15

This review is the first in a series of 12 for an online tasting event we did called “the 12 drams of xmas.” The event was organised by Tom Thomson of Toms Whisky Reviews fame. The idea was simple:

12 whisky fans each send the other 11 a 3cl sample dram. We taste them in the 12 days running up to christmas and guess what they are. Points are given for guessing the region, ABV, distillery and age. The winner gets a bottle of Ardbeg.

In the end we got together 11 willing whisky fans and were assisted by Tomatin distillery who sent us a sample of their 15 year old expression to us all.

As this series goes on I’ll post what the dram was, my tasting notes, and my guess. Sometimes I’m pretty close, others I’m embarrassingly off, but it should prove entertaining. However, for this first dram, as everyone knew what it was, I’ll just write tasting notes. Here are the dramstats:



  • ABV 43%
  • Age 15 years
  • Price ~£40

Nose: Vanilla, lemon sherbet, quite floral. Lemon tart, with the pastry and all and a hint of parma violets.

Palate: Vanilla, woody and quite chalky. Surprisingly unlike the nose.

Finish: A touch of pepper followed by chalky oak.

Verdict: An unusual dram with a very pleasant nose that seems quite in contrast to the palate. I wasn’t excited enough to part with £40 for a full bottle, however, I have picked up a bottle of the 25 year old at only £70 from drink finder so it’s all good!